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2014 "Reinventing Organizations"

A talk, followed by Q&A, by Frederic Laloux about "Reinventing Organizations", a research and book that is turning into an international phenomenon. Increasingly, employees and managers (but also doctors, nurses, teachers, etc.) are disillusioned with the way we run organizations today. We all somehow sense that there simply must be better ways to run our businesses, nonprofits, schools and hospitals. This hopeful talk shares the key insights from groundbreaking research into the emergence, in different parts of the world, of truly powerful and soulful organizations that have made a radical leap beyond today's management thinking. (It starts with the story of how organizations evolved over time. You can skip to minute 28 to hear the story of Buurtzorg, one of the extraordinary pioneering organizations, that revolutionized home care in the Netherlands. At minute 36, the talk goes into self-management. At minute 52 into wholeness at work. And at 1:06 into evolutionary purpose in organizations. Q&A start at 1:21.) Correction: As I was quoting figures from memory, I got two figures wrong related to Morning Star's market share in tomato paste in the US, and in tomato trucking. In both cases Morning Star's market share is above 30%. As 'The Economist' says in such cases: sorry.

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